What Kind of Games Can You Play with Cards?

By Kristine Brite
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Card games can provide entertainment for a rainy day or can be a way to make money gambling. Hundreds of card games exist, and sometimes new, intriguing games emerge. Some games are more universally popular and well-known, while others are played regionally or by different age groups.

Card Games for Kids

War is a game that's easy for kids to play. Shuffle a full deck of cards well. Take out the jokers and rule cards. Split the deck in two. Each player flips one card at a time, and the person with the highest card takes the cards. The object is to acquire the entire deck. Go Fish is another classic children's game that can be played only with a deck of cards. The object of the game is to collect sets of four; the player who runs out of cards first wins. Each player takes turns asking the other players for cards of certain ranks, with the goal of collecting four of a kind. If that player doesn't have the rank, he says, "Go Fish" and you must draw a card. If he does have the cards, he must give them to you.


Poker is played for fun and competitively for money. The game has many versions. Basic poker includes stud and draw poker, both with similar rules. Players are dealt either five or seven cards and then wager based on the strength of the hand. A player can fold as well and sit out the hand. The player with the best hand wins, unless all other players fold. Texas Hold 'Em Poker is another popular variant. In this type, players are dealt two cards, and then bet based on those two cards. A dealer deals community cards from which the players all draw hands.

Classic Games

In the game of Spades, spades are always the trump cards. Players pair up in teams of two and keep score with a pen and a piece of paper. Each player is dealt 13 cards. Each player bids, or announces, how many tricks they feel they can take. A point is given for meeting or exceeding the amount of tricks announced. Either two or four players can play Rummy. If two players are playing, each gets 10 cards, while if four are playing, each gets seven cards. The object is for players to get rid of cards by getting consecutive cards or at least three of the same number or face. You lay the sequence of cards, called melding, on top of the playing surface face up during your turn. At the end of your turn, you discard one card.

Other Games

In I Doubt It, or B.S. -- also called Cheat -- players lay cards face down. If you think a player is not telling the truth, you yell, "I Doubt It." A discard pile on the table is empty to start the game. But, at every turn, a player must lay down a card. The card is supposed to be the next highest card in rank. The player must yell out the card and suit as he plays it. If other players think the player is lying, they yell "I Doubt It." If the person was lying, he must pick up all the cards below that one. Blackjack is another betting or casino game. One player must act as the dealer and deal each player a face-down card and face-up. Each player tries to get as close to 21 without going over by asking for more cards. The player that gets closest without going over wins the hand.

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