How to Keep Tie Dye Colors From Bleeding

By J. Johnson
A tie dyed shirt, your personality Images

Making tie dyed t-shirts can be an enjoyable activity to do with kids. An adult should supervise this activity at all times, but generally speaking, the kids can have a huge hand in making their own tie dyed clothing. After you spend an entire afternoon creating these masterpieces, the last thing you want is for the colors to bleed together, which can ruin the tie dyed effect of the shirt. A few simple strategies can be used to prevent this.

Add 1/4 cup of urea, a color enhancer, for every quart of dye you use to create the tie dyed clothing. This substance causes the fabric to dry slower, which lets the dye bind to the fabric more effectively. This will prevent bleeding.

Lay out the tie dyed items after dipping them in the dye. Do not move them, or the colors might bleed.

Put the tie dyed clothing on a transportable surface if you will need to move it before it dries, such as a flat board. Rubbing the fabric against other items or moving it around too much when it's wet can cause bleeding.

Use a Synthrapol detergent to wash the tie dyed fabric. This type of detergent is much less likely to cause bleeding than other types.