How to Join a motorcycle club

By Elton Dunn
You, you, a club
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When you're into biking, riding with a group gives you more enjoyment, companionship and social time than riding alone. Joining a motorcycle club connects you to other riders. While it may seem intimidating to new riders, most clubs are welcoming to new members. You need a motorcycle or access to a bike, riding experience and rider safety knowledge, and a motorcycle license before you can join a club.

Step 1

Find motorcycle clubs near you. Ask other riders you know, check at your local repair shop, or look online or in the telephone book. If you have special interests, such as a single-sex club or a club of riders in a certain age group, narrow your search appropriately. When looking, decide how far you want to travel to see the club and discard search results that are too far away.

Step 2

Visit the club to learn more and test the vibe of the members. Ask if you can attend a meeting, or even informally meet up with a few existing members, to see how they like the club.

Step 3

Ask the club how you become a member. The process varies by club. The Pennsylvania's Pagoda Motorcycle Club requires that two existing members invite you to join. Northwest Michigan's Ride Motorcycle club places no limit on who can join, and requires only an application form.

Step 4

Apply to be a member by filling out an application form and paying any dues necessary. Also, comply with any other steps in the application process, such as attending meetings or learning club rules and regulations.

Step 5

Wait for official notification of your membership acceptance, if necessary. Pagoda Motorcycle Club notifies you of acceptance after you attend three bi-monthly meetings. Pay club dues, if necessary.

Step 6

Attend your first event as a member of the motorcycle club.