Instructions on How to Make a Board Game Wheel

By Amy Shelleby
Board games, loose pieces
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Game board wheels determine the next move of a board game player. The wheel may also be referred to as a spinner. This is because the pointer spins around the wheel, landing on a number or a set of directions. The game board wheel is usually not connected to the game board and can be easily lost or misplaced. Creating your own spinner will allow you to continue playing. Or you can make a spinner for a homemade board game.

Use a compass to create a spinner
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Draw a circle. Place the pointed end of the compass in the middle of the 6-by-6-inch piece of cardboard. Open the compass so the pencil is about 1 inch from the edge and trace a circle.

Make the sections. Determine how many sections you will need. Use the ruler and pencil to draw straight lines that pass through the center of the circle. You will be able to create only an even number of sections. For instance, crossing two straight lines in the middle of the circle will create four sections.

Color the wheel. Use the markers to outline and color the wheel. Draw a picture, a number or write a set of directions in each section.

Make the spinner. Use the pencil and ruler to draw two straight 3 1/2-inch lines one inch apart. Connect the lines on the left side. Draw an arrow head on the other side of the lines. Cut out the spinner.

Fasten the arrow to the cardboard. Use the craft knife to draw a 1/8-inch X at the center of the arrow and the circle. Place the arrow on top of the square. Push the paper fastener through both pieces of cardboard. Push aside each end of the fastener on the back of the spinner.

Test the wheel. Spin the arrow to make sure it spins freely. If it does not spin easily, loosen the fastener from the back.