Instructions for a Chromium Crusher

By Contributing Writer

Chromium Crusher herb grinders serve to break up herbs such as tobacco into fine, small pieces. Herb grinders are especially useful if you roll your own cigarettes or cigars because the evenly sized, ground-up herb burns evenly. Using a grinder is easier and faster than breaking up herbs on your own, which can yield unevenly sized pieces of herb that will not burn evenly in a cigarette or cigar.


Remove the Chromium Crusher's magnetic lid component in order to expose the razor-sharp metallic grinder teeth. Break up your herb and place it between the sharp teeth. A pair of scissors will efficiently cut up the herb into pieces small enough to fit between the teeth. Be sure not to overload the grinder so as to prevent unnecessary jamming and strain to the user; likewise, do not place the herb in the center of the grinder where the magnets connect or else it will not close. Close the Chromium Crusher by replacing the magnetic lid and pushing down firmly so that the metallic teeth are solidly inserted into the herb.


Begin grinding by twisting the lid and middle components of the grinder in opposite directions whilst holding the grinder in an upright position. The twisting moves the sharp teeth together and slices the herb into small pieces. Continue grinding until all of the herb has fallen through the holes and into the middle herb-catching compartment, a process which usually takes less than a minute. The amount of time you spend grinding the herb determines how fine it will be ground; longer grinds result in finer herb particulates. Tap the bottom of the grinder against a solid surface to facilitate this process.

Removing Ground Herb

Twist open the Chromium Crusher's middle component to access the herb-catching compartment directly beneath the sharp metallic teeth. Remove the ground herb by simply pouring it onto your cigarette paper or cigar wrap for immediate rolling. If desired, store the herb for later use in an airtight container for optimal freshness.


Use a scraper tool such as a guitar pick to clean out herb and plant residue that may build up over time in your Chromium Crusher grinder to maximize durability. If your grinder has a fine metal mesh screen for pollen collecting, scrape the screen every time you use the Chromium Crusher to prevent clogging. Beneath the metal mesh screen is a compartment for pollen collecting, which fills up with pollen with long-term use; clean out this compartment when it becomes full by pouring or scraping out the pollen.