How to Install a Blower Motor

By Adam Raphael
a blower motor
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A blower motor is a small motor with a fan used for cooling and ventilating. There is a blower motor in almost every type of car, simply because there is always a need to cool down a heater or to manage an air-conditioning system. The speed of the blower motor is regulated with a resistor, which basically makes the blower motor spin faster. Installing a blower motor is a fairly easy task that can be done by almost any car owner and it differs only slightly from one model of car to another.

Open the hood of your car and support it with a rod while you work. Locate the battery inside the hood and use a socket wrench to remove the negative battery cable. Use black electrical tape to wrap the end of the cable completely and securely. Do not let the metal end of the cable touch the engine or any other metal under the hood.

Locate the blower motor in your vehicle. The exact location of the blower motor differs depending on the model of the car but it is usually under the dashboard, on the passenger's side of the car.

Open the passenger's door and remove the screws from the trim panel located just under the glove compartment. Use a Phillips-head screwdriver to remove the screws and then a pry tool to detach the insulator panel from the dashboard.

Disconnect the wiring harness by using a flat-head screwdriver to unplug the retaining clamp. This will release the electrical connector and you will be able to disconnect the wires safely.

Remove the retaining bolts that hold the blower motor in its place. Use a ratchet and socket set to loosen and then completely remove the bolts. Then carefully and gently pull out the old blower motor and put it aside.

Insert the new blower motor in the place of the old one. If you chose the right model, your new blower motor should fit perfectly into place. Using a waterproof silicone sealant on the rim of the blower motor's base is recommended. Apply a small amount on the mounting base before screwing it in position.

Mount the new blower motor to the housing by securing it with retaining screws.

Connect the wiring harness of the blower motor and the car. If you chose a compatible blower motor, simply connect the harness plug by clicking it into place.

Reinstall the insulation and trim panel back under the glove compartment by securing it with screws.

Reattach the negative cable of your car battery and close the hood.

Test your new blower motor by turning on the ignition and starting the heater. If you hear a steady, smooth sound coming from the blower motor, that means the installation was a success.