How to Improve Your Odds at Roulette

By Christina Martinez
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With a spinning wheel determining whether you win or lose, roulette is definitely a game of chance. With each spin, the ball only lands on one number. Each number has its own characteristics, whether it's red, black, even, odd, low or high. Your job is to either bet on the number itself or bet on the characteristics of the number that may come up. While roulette doesn't have the greatest odds in comparison with other casino games, you can still increase yours with a few tips.

Step 1

Play roulette at a European wheel if it is available to you. European roulette only has one zero on the wheel, while American roulette has an added double zero. Your chances of winning at European roulette are slightly higher than if you were to play American roulette.

Step 2

Increase your odds by placing a bet on items that have close to a 50-percent winning percentage. These are known as outside bets, and are located outside of the actual numbers on the table. You want to make bets on characteristics of the number that may come up, not on the number itself. Make bets on red or black, first or last 18, or even and odd each time the wheel spins. Do this no matter what else you're betting on, because the payout is an easy 1:1.

Step 3

Play what the table minimum is and spread it out evenly across the board to increase your chances of winning. For example, by placing a bet on red or black, first or last 18 and picking a column of numbers, you will have covered some numbers twice and spread yourself out enough to have a good chance of winning. While you may not get a big payout, you may break even, not lose a ton and even increase your winnings slightly.

Step 4

Avoid making high bets on just one or two numbers. While the payout will be large if you win, the odds of winning by betting on just a couple of numbers are minuscule.