How to Identify a Thrush Bird

By eHow Hobbies, Games & Toys Editor

The Thrush bird is a small forest loving bird with several species to identify. While they vary in shape, size and color, the Thrush share similar diets, habits and living conditions. Find differences in appearances to identify Thrush birds.

Identifying a Thrush Bird

View the Thrush in wooded areas foraging on the ground for berries and insects. This small bird is found in a variety of areas throughout the north western part of North America.

Listen for a different whistle, often fuzzy or metal sounding. The Thrush usually sings at dawn or dusk. It also enjoys a song after rain.

Find the Thrush nest in a tall tree. They build their nest 5 to 15 feet off the ground at the base of a branch. The male sings to protect his nest.

Observe Thrush throughout the year. While they stick to more wooded areas in the summer months, during winter Thrush may be found along roads and in yards foraging for food.

Types of Thrush

Watch for the Varied Thrush. It is rust colored with several black lines throughout its body. A band of black lines it's breast and face near the eye. The crown of the Varied's head, the back and the tail are all bluish gray. Its wings are rust colored with black stripes.

See the Gray Cheeked Thrush with mostly gray feathers. It has black eyes, faint yellow legs and a yellow bill. The bird has a spotted white and gray breast.

Find the Swainson's Thrush, the Veery Thrush and the Hermit Thrush with solid brown back, wings and tails. They have light bellies and spotted breasts. The birds are smaller then robins. All are very similar in appearance.