How to Identify Haeger Potteries

By Shelia Odak
How to Identify Haeger Potteries
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Haeger Potteries is an American pottery company that started in 1871 and continues to produce pieces. Because of its long history and wide variety of wares, which include planters, vases, pitchers, lamps and much more, learning to identify Haeger Potteries can seem daunting. However, with a little education, you can easily learn to recognize Haeger and build your own collection of beautiful American art pottery.

Step 1

Start at the source. The Haeger Potteries website offers an overview of the history of the company, from the first art pottery pieces, known as Adam and Eve, to its Royal Haeger line that began in the late 1930s, to a 1976 piece that got the company in the Guinness Book of Records. The website also offers a wealth of product pictures and features a list of stores that sell the company’s current line of pottery.

Step 2

Check out bookstores and libraries. Look for collectors’ guides that specialize in Haeger Potteries, such as “Haeger Potteries through the Years” by David Dilley, “The House of Haeger, 1914--1944: The Revitalization of American Art Pottery” and “The House of Haeger, 1944--1969: The Post-War Era” by Joe Paradis and Joyce Paradis. Books such as these offer information on how the pottery is marked, the glazes used by Haeger, and pictures of the pottery from past to present. Additionally, some guides offer pricing information. The books can be especially valuable for identifying unmarked Haeger pieces.

Step 3

Research on the Internet. Online pottery websites are plentiful. While an art pottery site may not specialize in Haeger, most sites dealing with American art pottery will include a section on the company. One such example is

Step 4

Talk to other collectors. There are many ways to network with other collectors. Join a collectors’ organization such as the American Art Pottery Association. Visit antiques or collectibles stores that specialize in art pottery and talk to the owner. Go to antiques shows and browse. Art pottery is a hot collecting field, and you are sure to find other collectors with your same interest.

Step 5

Visit online auction sites. Online auctions sites such as eBay are excellent places to see a wide variety of pottery pieces at many different price points. However, these types of sites are susceptible to offering fakes. Do not bid on items until you have done ample research and are knowledgeable about Haeger shapes, glazes and prices.

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