Free Ideas for Games and Activities for a Family Get-Together

By Kay Ireland
Free Ideas, Games, a Family Get-Together
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If you have a family reunion or get-together coming up soon, plan some games and activities to keep everyone busy and interacting with their other family members. It may seem challenging to choose an activity that everyone can have a part in, but if you plan games that engage everyone, you'll have a successful family get-together.

Outdoor Games

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Get the family outside and playing together. With only a baseball bat, you can play this ice-breaking game for everyone in the family to enjoy. Just provide the bats and instruct everyone to put their forehead to the bad, and the bat to the ground, spin five times and then race to the finish line. Everyone will be so dizzy that there will be lots of bumping, falling down and running the wrong way. Don't forget the camera for this one. Or just gather the family for a game or Frisbee football. Same rules as regular football, but players have to throw the Frisbee instead.

Trivia Games

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Playing guessing or trivia games is a good way for families to find out more about each other and get reacquainted with members they may have not seen in a while. Draw up a trivia game with fun facts about family members. You read a question, like, "Who's favorite kind of sandwich is meatball?" and all of the family members write down who they think it is. Make sure to include a question for everyone, so no one feels left out. Or you can prepare cards with family member's names on them, hand them out and make everyone act like the family member that they have on their card. Everyone else guesses who they are supposed to be, like family charades.

Performance Activities

Institute, a Family Talent Night, everyone, his talents
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Institute a Family Talent Night where everyone participates and shows off one of his talents. Couples, groups of kids and cousins can do group acts. Give everyone an afternoon to work on his act, and then start the show. Acts can create banners and names and really get into it.At the end of the night, you can hand out award certificates for things like "Best Costumes," "Worst Singing," and "Most Creative," that family members can take home as a keepsake from the get together event.


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