Ideas for Assisted Living Activities

By Jen Marx
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The activities boards in assisted living facilities work hard to ensure that their residents receive a high quality of life by providing an array of activities and events for them to participate in. Holiday parties, seasonal trips and leisure activities are a few options are offered at assisted living facilities.

Grandparents' Day Tea

Encourage residents to invite their grandchildren to participate in a tea. To avoid excluding residents who do not have grandchildren, open the program to grandchildren or other special children in the adults' lives. Serve tea, coffee, punch, pastries, fruits and other snacks. Hire a photographer to take pictures of the residents and their special guests.

Lunch Outings

Organize a group of residents who are able to leave the premises and call them the "Lunch Bunch." Travel to appropriately themed restaurants or other food establishments. For example, during the summer months, a trip to Ralph's or Rita's ices is a refreshing and satisfying plan. September 9 marks Colonel Sander's birthday, so take residents to KFC in celebration. During the Christmas season, visit a bakery to purchase fresh baked treats or gingerbread houses.


Read to residents, or ask them to read by themselves or in groups. Options for literature are endless, and include poetry, romances, histories, fantasy, lyrics, comedies, plays and many other selections. Ask residents for their input and preferences on what types of selections to get from the book shop or library. After reading the material, engage residents in a guided or open discussion about the literature, thereby resembling the structure and practices of many book clubs.


Taking residents out of the assisted living facility allows them to engage in social activities such as local sporting events, concerts, band performances, art shows, movies, book signings and comedy shows. For residents who cannot leave the building, invite children or adult choirs, comedians, poetic readers or performing act to entertain at your facility.


Engage residents in indoor or outdoor gardening activities. Allow the residents to create their own flower or vegetable garden, perhaps in a special spot of the yard, or have them assist maintaining some of the establishment's plants. During planting and maintenance, reminisce with residents about their gardening experiences.

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