Homemade Carnival Booths & Games

By Krystal Miller
Rubber ducks, a homemade carnival game
Digital Vision./Digital Vision/Getty Images

A carnival-themed party makes for a memorable birthday or social gathering for friends and family. Make homemade carnival games and booths with a few inexpensive supplies and a creative imagination. Awarding plush animals, small toys and candy to all game winners will give your party guests the true authentic carnival atmosphere.

Luck Games

Create some homemade luck games for your carnival. Place several rubber ducks into a small plastic swimming pool of water. Write "winner" on the bottom of some of the ducks. Players can select one duck from the pond. If it says "winner," they win a prize. If it does not say anything, award her with a small piece of candy. For another luck game, poke several holes in the bottom of a cardboard box. Take a bag of lollipops and mark a dot on some the ends of the lollipop sticks with a marker. Place the lollipops in the holes of the box. If a player draws a lollipop with a colored dot, she wins a prize.

Painting and Tattoo Booths

Have an adult or older teenager paint the party guests face with non-toxic paint. Use stencils from your local craft store to help get some ideas or use for guidance. The adult or teen can also place temporary tattoos on the carnival guests. Temporary tattoos are available in bulk online and at many retail stores. Add fine polyester glitter to the top of the paint or temporary tattoos for sparkle.

Tossing Games

Place several plastic soda bottles on the ground. Pour play sand in the bottles to make the bottles more stable. Mark a line 10 feet from the bottles and have guests try to ring a bottle with plastic rings. Plastic rings are available at most craft stores or you can make your own rings using rope and duct tape. Award prizes to all guests who ring a bottle. For another tossing game, hang hula hoops from a clothesline or tree. Have the guests try to toss beanbags through the hoops from a line marked 15 feet away. Award prizes to each guest who tosses three out of five beanbags through a hoop.

Prize Booths

Make a few booths that guarantee each player a prize. Fill a swimming pool with sand and small plastic toys. Give each guest a small plastic shovel to dig out a prize. For a less messy idea, fill the pool with shredded paper and wrapped candy. For another prize booth idea, create a fishing booth. Hang a blue sheet across a doorway or between two trees. Have an adult or older teen stand behind the sheet. Make a fishing pole by tying a piece of string to the end of a wooden dowel and tying a clothespin to the end of the string. Each guest must toss the clothespin over the sheet to "fish" for prizes. An adult will attach a small prize to the clothespin for each guest.