Gross Halloween Party Games

By Boze Herrington
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Because Halloween originated in traditions intended to remind people of mortality, it is a holiday focused on death, decay and body parts. This morbid fascination with gross and disturbing things makes Halloween ripe for entertaining party games involving foul food and disgusting substances.

Relay Games

Make “vampire’s champagne,” a champagne or cider to which red food coloring and syrup have been added, for the champagne relay race. Place two bowls at one end of a table and two bowls at the other. The bowls on one end are filled with champagne and the other bowls are empty. Divide players into two teams and hand them spoons. Players from each team run to their designated bowl with spoons in their mouths and scoop up some of the liquid. Then they run to the other bowl and attempt to pour it in without spilling. The winning team is the first team to complete this task. Another game called “Kissing Ghosts” works best in groups of at least 10 people. The host cuts straws in half, hands them to each player on two opposing teams and hands the first players on each team a miniature marshmallow. These players then pass the marshmallow to the players behind them without using their hands, using only the straw. The winning team is the first team to get its marshmallow to the last player in line.

Drinking Games

In the “trick-or-treat drinking game,” the host sets out six shot glasses and numbers them one to six. Three of these glasses are filled with wine or some other alcoholic beverage and the other three are filled with various gross items such as baby food, condensed milk or stale off-brand soda. Each person rolls a six-sided die and must take a drink from the glass corresponding to the number rolled. In the “spooky shot drinking game,” players take a shot from the nasty glasses whenever they say a forbidden word. If you want to make the game a more pleasant experience, do away with the nasty shots and have players drink shots of a sweet, blood-colored alcoholic drink.

Foul Foods

In the “lady’s fingers eating game,” set out a plate of what appears to be human fingers and dare guests to eat it. Award prizes to guests willing to take up the challenge and consume one or more of the fingers before you reveal they’re actually sweets made out of dough with nails made of blanched almonds. If you’re thinking of cooking an entree, try an even more unsettling variation on this game with a giant hand made out of meatloaf spread with cheese and ketchup with nails made of onions.

Body Games

Prepare for the “operation body parts game” by tracing the outline of a body on a large piece of cardboard and cutting around it. Cook a pot of spaghetti and layer it over the body. Hide various food inside the spaghetti that are meant to depict parts of the human body. For example, make eyes out of olives, ears out of shells and fingers out of dough. Split players into two teams and give each team between 15 and 30 seconds per round to find a body part amid the mass of spaghetti. In a similar game, “the mortician’s assistant,” the spaghetti and food items are in bowls in equal amounts -- each bowl contains two olives, two shells, etc. A player must work alone to find all the body parts before her competitor. Prizes go to the players who find a given number of "organs" before the other players.

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