Glow in the Dark Game Ideas

By Sarah Thomas
ordinary objects, the dark, glow sticks
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Glow in the dark games keep guests busy at a sleepover or glow in the dark themed party. Buy specialty glow in the dark paint at craft stores and get glow in the dark necklaces and accessories from party stores. Take precautions to ensure safety while playing games in the dark by removing objects that players may bump into or trip on.

Glowing Hot Potato

Purchase a ball that glows in the dark, or paint a ball with glow in the dark paint. Assemble players in a circle and turn off the lights. Play music while players pass the ball in a circle. When the music stops, the person with the glow in the dark ball is out. The person moves out of the circle and the game continues. The last person to hold the ball is the winner.

Glow in the Dark Bowling

Paint several empty 2-liter plastic bottles with glow in the dark paint. Paint a medium sized ball with glow in the dark paint. When all of the items are dry, assemble the bottles in a triangle formation. Turn off the lights and have players take turns rolling the ball to knock down the bottles.

Glow Tag

Give each player a glow in the dark necklace and give the person that is "it" a necklace of a different color. Turn off the light and have the person that is "it" tag other players. When a player has been tagged they are out. As a variation, you can play freeze tag where tagged players must remain frozen in place until another player tags them free.

Glowing Ring Toss

Paint paper towel tubes in glow in the dark paint. Connect a glow in the dark necklace so that it makes a large circle. Place the paper towel tubes upright on a floor or counter and turn off the lights. Take turns tossing the glow in the dark necklace. Award a prize for the player that can get the necklace around the paper towel tube.