How to Get Grass to Grow Under Oak Trees

By Contributing Writer

A beautiful lawn is a must have for any yard, but sometimes it seems like nature is just not on your side. Got that patch under your oak tree that just won’t grow grass? Trees (especially oak) like to hog all the sun and water so it's difficult to get anything green to grow in their shade. Not to worry though!

Go out and buy the right type of seeds for your region. You can also take this chance to ask if they can recommend any other special grass mixtures (such as Miracle Grass).

Rake the area gently. You don’t want to disturb the roots of the tree; just loosen a layer of dirt at the top for the grass to take hold.

Sprinkle the seeds! Carefully read and follow the instructions on the bag on planting and watering in the first couple of weeks.

Water for longer periods of time (2 to 3 times longer), but less often. You need to take into account the amount of moisture the tree will soak up before the grass even gets a chance at its share! However, since the area is also shaded, more moisture will also be retained and you don’t want the area to become waterlogged.