Games to Play at the Zoo

By Alan Kirk

For many people, spending the day touring the zoo offers plenty of entertainment. For others, adding a game makes it even more entertaining. Some zoos offer games at the visitors center. You can also create your own game and bring it with you to the zoo.

Scavenger Hunt

Turn a zoo visit into a scavenger hunt. The Oakland, California, Zoo offers several scavenger hunt lists, such as one for tracking animal behavior and another for learning what it takes to have a career at the zoo. If your zoo does not have prepared lists, create your own scavenger hunt. Look for predetermined zoo objects or animals, and take photographs with a digital camera.

Trivia and Interactive Quests

The National Zoo in Washington, DC, offers visitors an activity sheet of games and challenges for each section of the zoo. These include determining how many of your own strides it takes to cover the same distance as a cheetah's stride and seeing how long you can stand like a flamingo on one leg. You can do these on your own, or compete with your fellow guests to see who can complete their activity sheets first.

Zoo Bingo

The visitors center at the National Zoo also offers Zoo Bingo cards. When you see an animal, mark that animal off on the game card. The first player to mark off all the spaces in a row wins, just like in traditional bingo.

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