Games to Play at a Ladies' Meeting

By Dawn Gibbs
Women playing a game
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Games to play at a ladies' meeting should be fun, easy, and provide plenty of socializing opportunities. They should break the ice to allow members to get to know one another. They should also include everyone, and be inexpensive. Be sure to explain the rules thoroughly beforehand so no one feels left out or as if she does not belong.

White Elephant

The White Elephant game is an excellent choice for a meeting with new people. It is an icebreaker and a socializing tool that encourages shyer members of the group to come out of their shells. To play this game, every person must bring a wrapped gift to the meeting. The person arranging the meeting should choose a theme and price-point beforehand; for example, a book under $15, or coffee mugs under $10. If there are ten people at the ladies' meeting, write the numbers one through ten on scraps of paper and have each lady pick a number without looking. The person with the number one chooses a wrapped gift, and opens it. The person with the number two can either choose another wrapped gift, or steal the gift from person one if she wants it. Lady number three can steal from person one or two, or choose a wrapped gift. Ladies can steal a specific item only twice, then the second lady keeps it for good. This continues until every lady has a gift.

Baby Photos

Another great game for getting to know each other at a gathering of ladies is the Baby Photo game. Have each member bring a baby picture of herself. Tape the pictures to a white board, or have them framed and set out on a table. Be sure to number them. Give each lady a sheet of paper with the numbers on it and lines next to the numbers. Each lady guesses whose picture belongs to whom, and writes her guess next to the corresponding number on the piece of paper. The winner is the woman with the most correct guesses. The beauty of this game is that each lady has to actually talk face to face with all the other ladies to get a good look at them. This game is also appropriate for baby showers where not everyone knows each other.

The Penny Game

The Penny Game is similar to "Have You Ever" or "Truth or Dare" without the daring. Each woman brings a bag of one dollar in pennies. Have the ladies sit in a circle or around a table. Every lady needs to put half her coins in the middle of the circle. Have a list of questions prewritten, with a corresponding action for each question. For example, you could ask, "Have you ever been on a blind date?" and if they have, each lady takes three pennies from the middle. The more embarrassing a question is, the more it should be worth. If the question is about an achievement, the ladies should put the required number of pennies in the middle. For example, if they have ever won a spelling bee or given a speech in public, they should put pennies in the middle. At the end of the questioning, the lady with the most pennies wins. Make sure the questions are not too personal, but are lighthearted and even silly.