Game Ideas for a Soccer Themed Birthday Party

By Ilana Boyum
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Soccer is the most popular sport in the world. Although it has not always been tremendously popular in the United States, it is quickly gaining ground. More and more very young children are getting involved in soccer, making it a natural choice for a birthday party theme for both boys and girls. A soccer-themed birthday party lends itself very well to having a bunch of fun and exciting games and activities.

Blindfolded Goal

This simple and easy game will have the kids laughing and having fun. Set up a soccer goal and line up three balls for your players to kick. Blindfold the children, one by one, spin them around, and have them attempt to kick their three balls into the goal. Just trying to get a foot on the ball can become a humorous challenge and the balls will fly in all directions. So make sure you have a couple of people designated to be "runners" to retrieve the balls as they fly astray.

Soccer Dodgeball

To set up this simple variation on a childhood favorite, split your guests into two even groups. Mark off a field into three sections, and place a goal at each end. The two end sections are for the teams, and the middle section is "no man's land." Give each player a ball and at the sound of a whistle, have everyone kick his ball toward the opposing players and goal. The object of the game is to not touch any of the balls that are coming toward you. If you get hit by a ball, you are out, though you can help your teammates by rolling balls to them that roll out of bounds. If a team manages to get a ball in the opposing team's goal, then one of their players who is out gets back in.

Obstacle Course

Set up an obstacle course for your guests using cones and other materials. Have them slalom through the cones while dribbling a soccer ball, jump over cones, hopscotch through hula hoops, and anything else you can think of. Be sure to include a healthy variety of truly skill-oriented challenges along with silly, luck-based ones, so that all of your guests have the opportunity to succeed.

Soccer Water Balloon Relay

Split your guests up into even groups of four or five children each. Set up two cones for each team, one on one side of the field of play, and the other on the opposite side. Provide each team with a filled water balloon, and have a player on each team carefully dribble the water balloon across the field, to the cone and back again without bursting the balloon. As one player finishes, the next player starts. The first team to finish wins. If anyone has a balloon pop, she must go back to the start and begin again.

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