Fun Trampoline Games for Teenagers

By Krystal Miller
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Trampolines can provide hours of entertainment for many teenagers. Teens can also benefit from the exercise and fresh air when jumping on trampolines. Allow teens to invite a few friends over for some entertaining trampoline games. With a trampoline and some fun game ideas, you have everything you need to create games to play on a trampoline. For safety reasons, be sure to stay within the trampoline's suggested weight limit.

Ball Games

For an easy game, have the teens stand in a circle and give one player a foam ball. Tell the players to start jumping and tossing the balls to one another. If a player drops the ball, stops jumping or fails to catch the ball, he is out of the game. Keep playing until only one player remains who is the winner. The players must toss the ball to each other so it is catchable. If it is not catchable, the player who tosses the ball is out of the game. A harder ball game is to place four or five balls on the trampoline and have the teens jump trying to avoid the balls. Any player touched by a ball is out of the game. The last player standing wins the game.

Memory Games

Ask all the teens to sit close to the outside of the trampoline. One teen must go first by doing a "trick," such as jump in the air and blow a kiss or do a front flip. Each team must do all the tricks of the players in front of her did and add her own. If a player messes up or does not complete the correct order, she is out of the game. The last player to remember all of the tricks wins the game. To make the memory game harder, allow the teens to add random items like balls or hula-hoops to the tricks.

Classic Games

The teens can play a classic game of crack the egg. All players, except one player who is it, sit down and hold their knees close to their chest with their arms. The "it" player must jump and bounce the players in the air trying to get them to let go of their legs, hence "crack the egg." For another classic game, try a game of "Simon Says." Select one teen to be "it." Everyone must stand in a circle and begin jumping. The "it" player must do a trick like land on his bottom, then bounce back up to his feet or spin in a circle while in the air. On the next jump, each player must do as he did. Any player who does not is out of the game. The last player to do exactly as "it" does wins the game and it the next "it."

Enclosure Games

The trampoline needs an enclosure to play these games. Divide the players into equal teams. Have one team stand inside the enclosure on the trampoline and the other team stand on the ground outside of the enclosure. Give each team 10 balls, like soft Nerf balls. When you say, "Go," the teens have two minutes to toss as many balls as they can into or out of the enclosure. The object of the game is to have the least amount of balls on your side when time is up. Make the game more difficult by adding more balls.