Fun Games to Play With Ten Adult People

By Grace Restivo
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Get-togethers with friends to play games are not just for children. An adult-only evening is a time to unwind, and enjoy stress-free time with friends or family. Good food, adult conversation and fun games can lead to an evening of relaxation, entertainment and laughter.

Name a Song

"Name a Song" is an icebreaker game that can lead to many laughs. With all the adults sitting in a circle, one person begins the game by choosing any word. The guests then have to name a song containing the word. The person that names a song will then choose a different word. Surprisingly, it is not as easy as it seems because your mind often goes blank. Any player may challenge the person naming the song if he thinks the guesser is bluffing. The person must then sing a part of the song.

Pick a Jelly Bean

While waiting for dinner or other guests to arrive, have the guests sit around a table that has jelly beans scattered around. Each guest must use two straws to pick up the jelly beans and drop into a bowl. The straws can be used to grasp the jelly beans similar to chop-sticks or as a sucking instrument. Use a timer to set the allotted time to compete. The winner is the guest with the most jelly beans in his or her bowl. To add more laughs to this game, have the loser feed the winner or spouse dinner or jelly beans with the straws.

The Press Conference Party Game

The "Press Conference Party Game" is an easy adult party game that requires no materials and can be enjoyed by groups of strangers. To begin the game, one guest leaves the room while the other guests decide who the absent guest will be. It can be a famous actor or actress, musician, politician, cartoon character, ball player, or other well know character. When the player returns the guests hold a press conference asking questions that would be appropriate to the character. From the questions asked by the guests, the guest must guess the name of the person he or she is portraying.


"LCR," also known as "Left, Right and Center," is an affordable, fast-paced dice game that can be enjoyed by groups of 10 people. Each player starts with three chips supplied with the game. The starting player rolls the three specially marked dice. The roll of the dice dictates where the player's chips go. The dice contain Ls (left), Rs (right), Cs (center) and Dots. Chips get passed to the player on the right or left according to the roll of the dice. The number of Cs indicates the number of chips to be put in the center, no chips get passed for Dots rolled. A player with only one or two chips left will only roll one or two dice. A player with no chips left remains in the game but passes his turn to roll the dice until he receives chips. The last payer with chips is the winner of the game. "LCR" can be played for money or prizes.

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