Fun Homemade Lawn Games

By Gerri Blanc
your lawn, a canvas, creativity
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When your family gets a chance to spend time together after a busy day, playing games outside can really help you create cherished memories. You don't have to just play the usual lawn games. Try some homemade lawn games instead. That way, you can spend time creating the play space before you even play the game.

Pirates Ahoy!

If you're in the mood for an epic outdoor game, try "Pirates Ahoy!" To begin, divide the players into two teams of equal numbers. Hand each team some supplies to build its own pirate ship, including cardboard boxes, duct tape, scissors and paint. After they have the ships built, position the ships on opposite sides of the lawn. Then, give each team a treasure box to place inside their ships. Instruct the teams to fill up some water balloons for use as weapons later. Once the teams have both finished their preparations, sound a starting call. The players on either team have to make it to the enemy ship and try to steal the enemy's treasure and bring it back to their team's ship. If a player gets hit with a water balloon, he has to remain frozen until a teammate tags him back in the game. The first team to bring the enemy treasure back to its ship wins the game.

Shufflin' Shoe Boxes

To release some energy, play this relay game. To prepare, gather up as many shoe boxes as you have players. Tape the tops of the shoe boxes to the bottoms. Then, cut out a hole in the middle of the box top. This hole should be large enough for the foot to fit inside but small enough so the foot does not slip out while running. Once you have enough for all players, have them put the shoes on. Divide the players into two teams. Line the teams up on one side of the lawn. When you say "go," the first players in either team race to the opposite side and back. Once they return, the next teammates do the same. This continues until one team--the winning team--finishes first.

Hit the Target

Play this homemade lawn game by first creating some sandbag darts. Do this by gathering some excess plastic shopping bags. Fill one corner at the bottom of the bag with sand. Once you have a handful of sand in there, tie a ribbon to section the bag off. Cut the bag about an inch above the filled point so that you have fringe. The resulting bags should look like radishes. Create targets by simply tying together the ends of three pieces of rope, each about five feet long. Place the targets on the lawn in a line so they each rest one foot away from each other. Line the players up. They take turns throwing the bags at the nearest target. If they succeed, they line up at the back of the line and wait to throw the bags at the second-nearest target. The person to successfully hit all of the targets wins the game.