Fun Games to Play in the House

By Ainsley Patterson

Games are a great way for family and friends to have fun while spending time together. Many games can be played while in your own home with little or no items. All you need is a group of people of any age ready to have fun!

Treasure Hunt

Select a "treasure." Use candy, a small toy or money. Put the treasure in a small box. Show everyone playing the game what the treasure box looks like, but not what is inside it, so they know what they are looking for.

Name one person the placer, who will not be part of the search, to hide the treasure in a part of the house. Blindfold all of the people who will be searching for the treasure while the placer hides the treasure box.

Once the placer has placed the treasure, he must return to the living room to start the game. Remove the blindfolds. Search until someone finds the treasure. The player who finds the treasure now becomes the placer.

Red Light, Green Light

Select one person to be the leader. The leader will go to the end of the room, by the wall. Everyone else will go to the opposite or "starting" wall. This game works well in a living room or a basement that has lots of space.

Turning his back toward the group, the leader must yell "green light." Everyone in the group must now walk toward the leader. The leader at anytime can turn back toward the group and yell "red light" and everyone in the group must freeze in place. Anybody in the group moving must go back to the "starting" wall. The first person to touch the leader is the winner and becomes the new leader. Make players crawl, crab walk or walk backwards to change it up.


Have all the players form a circle. Select one player to be the leader. The leader makes up a sentence and whispers it in the ear of the person to their right. That person then whispers it to the person on their right, and so on. When the person to the immediate left of the leader hears the sentence they repeat it out loud and the leader tells the group the original sentence. Select a different leader for each round.

I Went on a Picnic

Sit in a circle with all the players. Select someone to start and continue to the right around the circle. The first player says, "I went on a picnic and I brought..." and then they name a good that begins with an "A." The next player recites the opening line, repeats what the first player brought, and then adds their own food that starts with a "B." Each player then recites what the players before them brought, and then adds a food that starts with the next letter of the alphabet. Keep going until you make it through the whole alphabet, or until someone screws up, then start all over again. You can choose a theme other than food, such as animals.

About the Author

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