How to Get a Free Sewing Machine

By eHow Contributor
how to get a free sewing machine

You might need to know how to get a free sewing machine for several reasons. Making throw pillows or curtains is a great way to spruce up your apartment on a budget. Plus, you might not want to spend too much money on a new machine if you just want to see if you could make it as a Project Runway designer.

Check out thrift store cabinets. If you are at a thrift shop & you see a small desk or unusual cabinet, try to slide the top off the desk. Many sewing machines were built into fancy cabinets that completely concealed them. These are often cheaper than even regular desks.

Sure, you won't have a fancy computerized machine but if it's lasted this long it's probably pretty durable. Many seamstresses even prefer vintage machines & they come in lots of fun colors.

Hit garage sales at the end of the day. Older machines don't have a lot of appeal & the owner may just let you have it for free so they don't have to haul it off to charity.

Look in the paper to see if your local school is having a sale. Every once in awhile they clean out their home ec equipment for fantastic deals that are practically free.

Check out free cycle. A lot of people may want to get rid of their sewing machines if they just upgraded. Just be sure to offer a few items to the community to give back.

Offer to trade odd jobs around the house for a machine. Sewing used to be a way of life & many women had machines. If you mention your desire for a free sewing machine to your family & friends, someone may offer to help you out. Your mom or grandma may even have one sitting in the attic.