How to Fold a Bandana for a Back Pocket

By Michael Straessle
Bandana in the back pocket

With all the new fads hitting the market of late, it is good to see that the bandana is holding its own. Some people like to use them as do-rags or scarves. Some like to use them for protection in the heat or wear them as sweat bands to keep the vision clear. You can fold them in various ways to wear, including in your back pocket.

Lay the bandana out on a flat surface. Take one corner and fold it across to the opposite corner.

Holding the ends on the long side of the bandana, make a circular motion with your wrists. This will cause the bandana to roll up.

Pull the two ends together. Grab the opposite end and let the two-ended side dangle. Shove the folded end into your back pocket

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