How to Find Golf Courses for Sale

By Andrew Smith

Owning a golf course would be a dream come true for many golfers. It can also be a very worthwhile investment to make. You probably won't have much luck if you call your local Realtor. There is plenty of information available on the Internet, though. By using the following websites, you can search through a wide variety of available golf courses. Finding a golf course for sale which interests you is the first step to living out your dream.

Search through the golf courses listed on the Prime Sites USA website (see Resources). Read through the short descriptions and click the “Details” link to learn more about that particular course. You will read a history about the course and learn everything that comes with the property. On the bottom of the description will be contact information for either the owner or Realtor. Read out to contact person or company for more information about that particular golf course.

Find golf courses listed on LoopNet (see Resources). LoopNet lists nine and 18 hole courses, driving range and even miniature golf courses. Scroll through the listed courses and click on either a picture or the “Golf Course Property” link to learn more. If you're interested in that course, click on the red “Contact Listing Broker” tab found on the Web page. Once you do so, you'll be taken to a registration page. LoopNet makes users register in order to contact brokers. Sign up is free.

Use the Coldwell Banker Golf Course Sales Division (see Resources). Once on the main page, scroll down until you see the “Buy a Golf Course” link on the bottom of the page. Click that link and you will be taken to a map of the United States. Click on one of the regions and then search through the listed courses. Select the link for that course to learn more about it. To make an offer or find out more information, click on the “Click Here” tab. You can also call Coldwell at 904-281-1990.

Go to the Sirius Golf Advisors website (see Resources). Click on the “Golf Courses for Sale” link on the home page. On the new page, you will read some general information about purchasing golf courses. Scroll down to the bottom and you will find links for states as well as Canada and Costa Rica. Choose one of those links to see a list of golf courses for sale. To contact Sirius, call (888) 747-4876 or email .

Visit the Golf Course Brokers Inc. home page (see Resources). Click on the “Golf Courses For Sale” link found at the top right of the page. Read through the descriptions and then click on the “FOR INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITY INFORMATION - CLICK HERE” link. After that, click on the “View Detailed Property Information Click Here” link to open a PDF file. The PDF will have more information about the golf course and contact information for the broker.

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