How to Find Free Cross Stitching Patterns

By eHow Hobbies, Games & Toys Editor

There are lots of cross stitching patterns out there...for a price. But after you have paid for aida fabric, the embroidery floss and other supplies, you may not have much left to buy a book of patterns (especially if there is only one pattern in the whole book that you like). Here's how to save some money by finding free cross stitch patterns.

Go to your local library branch for an often overlooked source of free cross stitch patterns. Most libraries have a selection of cross stitch books on hand. If there is a book of patterns that you would like but the library doesn't stock it, they can often obtain it for you through the interlibrary loan service.

Sign up for Club DMC on the DMC official website for access to hundreds of free patterns. DMC is the best-selling embroidery floss in the world, and their colors set the standard for cross stitching designers everywhere.

Find some free patterns for cross stitch on the Coats and Clark website. All of their charts are designed for Anchor colors instead of DMC.

Locate beautiful patterns featuring birds and butterflies at Tiny Bird Organics. The site owner also has links to additional free cross stitch sites, a round robin sign up section and a link to sites where you can donate your finished projects to babies in need.

Check out the free designs at Rainbow Gallery if you have to stitch something for an upcoming holiday. They also have monogram patterns for all the letters of the alphabet available to download.

Try the Cyberstitchers website for hundreds of free patterns, a floss conversion calculator (so you can figure out which shade of DMC floss will help you to finally finish that old kit in your closet) and a place where you can post pictures of your finished product.