Field Days Games for Elementary PE

By Krystal Miller
a sack race, elementary children, field day
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Field day is a popular event at many schools to end the academic school year. The PE (physical education) teachers usually organize the event by creating some entertaining games for the children. When planning games for an elementary field day, all you need are a few supplies, some creativity and game ideas to get started. Encourage the children to try their best by awarding ribbons or metals to all players.

Bowling Games

For a simple bowling game, use plastic bowling pins and plastic bowling balls. To make your own, put an inch or so of sand in plastic 2-liter soda bottles, and use them as bowling pins. For added decoration, paint each bottle white with a red ring around the neck. Mark a starting line 15 feet from the bowling pins. Give the children a soccer ball to roll at the bowling pins. Each child has two rolls to try to knock down all the pins. For a tropical bowling game, use pineapples as bowling pins and coconuts as bowling balls.

Beanbag Games

Place a skinny board on the ground to create a balance beam. Have the children line up at one end of the board. Give each child a beanbag to place on his head. He must try to walk the full length of the board without the beanbag falling off his head. For variation, have children walk blindfolded or backward with the beanbags on their heads. For a beanbag tossing game, place several Hula-hoops on the ground. Have the elementary children try to toss the beanbags into the hoops.

Relay Races

Have classes compete in relay races. Some relay races include wheelbarrow races (where one child holds another child's ankles and that player walks on her hands), sack races using pillowcases or burlap sacks, running races and hopping races. For another relay race, try a snow cone race. Use small plastic cones (used in gym class). Divide the players into two teams. Mark a starting line and run-to line 20 feet apart. Give the first player in each team line a cone and ball. When you say "Go," the first players in each team line must hold the cone upside down and place the ball in the cone. He must race to the run-to line and back. He will pass the cone and ball off to the next player in each line. Each player must do the same thing. The first team to finish the relay race wins the game.

Flying Disc Games

Hang a Hula-hoop from a tree or clothesline. Mark a line 15 feet from the hoop, and have the children try to toss a flying disc through the hoop. Give each child three tries to get the flying disc through the hoop. For another flying disc game, see who can toss the flying disc the farthest distance. Mark a starting line, and have classes compete against one another. Have a teacher mark the spot where each child's disc lands.