How to Feed Baby Grackle Birds

By Theda K. Rogers

Grackles are some of the most common birds in North America, so it's not uncommon to find an orphaned baby grackle. If you find a baby grackle, first know that it is illegal to keep them. Your first action must be to locate a licensed wildlife rehabilitator. While waiting for them to help, though, it may be necessary for you to provide temporary care. Before attempting to feed the bird, make sure that it is truly abandoned and then keep it warm and quiet.

Step 1

Place the bird into a small container so that it doesn’t fall during feeding and so that it can try to maintain its body heat. Keeping the baby warm and comfortable is essential.

Step 2

Put the container (with the bird in it) onto the heating pad, and set the pad to the lowest setting.

Step 3

Soak dry dog or cat food in water, mashing it using a spoon. Dog and cat foods are high in protein, and they’re also easy to handle. If possible, use a high-quality food.

Step 4

Offer the softened food on the end of a plastic spoon. Be careful not to give portions that are very large.

Step 5

Repeat the process as often as every 15 minutes during daylight hours. In the wild, grackles do not feed their young after dark.