How to Make a Fake Magnifying Glass

By Ann Johnson
Make a Fake Magnifying Glass
A. Johnson

When the kids are playing detective, they will probably want a magnifying glass in their dress-up box. A real magnifying glass could break and cause injury. It's fairly easy to create a fake magnifying glass from recycled materials. If the kids break this magnifying glass, there's no broken glass to worry about.

Step 1

a circle, a piece, wax paper, the same size

Trace a circle on a piece of wax paper, making the same size as the inner circle of the empty roll of masking tape. Repeat this on the other 3 sheets of wax paper.

Step 2

the four circles, wax paper

Cut out the four circles of wax paper.

Step 3

the white glue, a little water, a coat, glue solution

Thin the white glue with a little water, and paint a coat of glue solution onto one of the wax paper circles. Lay another circle on top of the glue-coated circle, and smooth any air bubbles. Repeat this until all four pieces of wax paper circles are glued together to create a thick circle. Set this aside and allow it to dry until stiff.

Step 4

a hole, the center, the roll, the unsharpened end

Make a hole along the center of the roll, large enough to push the unsharpened end through, to create a handle. Secure the area with the glue from the hot glue gun. Allow this to dry.

Step 5

Wrap, the entire mock magnifying glass, black tape, The tape

Wrap the entire mock magnifying glass with black tape. The tape will be the outer surface of the magnifying glass.

Step 6

the stiff wax paper circle, the center, the roll, a bead

Insert the stiff wax paper circle in the center of the roll, and run a bead of hot glue around both sides to secure it in place.