How to Make Euchre Tally Cards

By Katie Leigh

Accurate scoring is an important aspect of playing euchre. However, because the game moves so quickly, it can be hard to keep track of points via a traditional, pen-and-paper method. Making euchre tally cards from playing cards is a quick way to set up a game. This method requires no writing utensils or paper. When using these score cards in a game setting you'll need to make two, one for each team.

the six card face-up, the table, the four card face-down, top

Lay the six card face-up on the table and place the four card face-down on top of it, so that all the suit symbols are covered.

Begin, the game, the first point, the four card

Begin playing the game. When the first point is scored, tilt the four card at an angle so that one of the six card's suit symbols is showing. The one symbol indicates that one point has been scored.

score, this manner, the second point, the second symbol

Continue to keep score in this manner. When the second point is scored, uncover the second symbol on the six card.

the card, the sixth point, the four card, it

Keep going down the card until the sixth point is scored. When this happens, flip over the four card and slide it underneath the face-up six card.

the seventh point, the six card, the first suit symbol, the four card

Play until the seventh point is scored. Slide the six card over to reveal the first suit symbol on the four card.

score, this manner, the tenth point, 10 points

Continue to keep score in this manner until reaching the tenth point. When 10 points are scored, flip both cards over and lay them flat on the table. This indicates to the other team that your team is one point away from winning the game. When the eleventh point is scored, the game is over.