Electronic Darts Rules

By Shawn Candela
Electronic dartboards, the score, the players

Many people play darts on an electronic dartboard rather than an old-fashioned cork board for both safety and convenience. The soft-tip darts used for electronic play make injury much less likely, and scores are kept automatically.

Equipment and Set Up

Position the electronic dartboard so that there is an 8-foot space between the surface of the playing area and a foul line. The foul line is the closest a player can step before throwing his darts. If he steps past it, his throw is disqualified. The bulls-eye should be 5 feet from the ground

The darts' tips should be plastic, have no broken areas and the entire dart should be no longer than 8 inches, and no wider than 3/4 inches. Each dart should weigh no more than 18g.

Basic Rules

Start by standing near the foul line. You may step on the foul line, but not over it. The rest of your body may cross the line.

You may throw up to three darts per turn. Every throw counts, even if it is not registered by the machine. No dart may be re-thrown. Throw your darts when your number identifier on the board is lit, and the words "Throw Darts" appear. Once you have thrown your darts, press the "Player Change" button and remove your darts.


There are several versions of this game, but the basic version is 301. Players start with a score of 301 and take turns throwing darts to reduce their scores. Each time a dart scores points, the dart machine will remove that number from the running total. To win, a player must hit his remaining total exactly during his turn.

Throwing a dart into the outer ring on the board automatically doubles your score, while a dart in the inner ring triples it. The outer ring of the bulls-eye is worth 25 points; the inner circle is worth 50.


Players take turns trying to hit each of these spaces at least three times: bulls-eye, 20, 19, 18, 17, 16 and 15. Once a player "closes" any of these (meaning he has hit the space three times), any further hits in that space earns him the designated number of points as long as there is at least one opponent who has not closed the same space.

The outer ring counts as hitting a number twice and the inner ring counts as three times. The inner bulls-eye counts as two.

To win, a player must close out all spaces and have the most points.

Countdown and Count Up

In countdown, players must first hit the space marked 20, then proceed in reverse numerical order down to 1, then hit the bulls-eye. An out of order hit (hitting the 17 after you've hit the 20 and 19, for example) does not count. Only the numbers hit in exact order qualify.

In count up, players set a total (usually 500) and take turns throwing to get as many points as they can. Outer ring hits count as double points and inner ring hits are triple.