Easy Quilts to Make

By Nicole Schmoll
Simple quilting
Blue and coral quilt block background image by Bluebird from <a href='http://www.fotolia.com'>Fotolia.com</a>

Inexperienced sewers of all ages will find simple quilts an easy introduction to the craft of sewing and quilt-making. Quilts provide warmth for cold nights and can be used to express both the sewer's and the receiver's personalities and interests. Quilts can be made from almost any fabric. When learning how to quilt, inexpensive material on sale at local fabric stores is the ideal material to start with.

Seven-Step Quilt

All that's needed for this basic quilt is several yards of material, batting or a worn blanket, one sheet, a sewing machine capable of straight stitches, yarn and a sewing needle. Cut out seven to ten 5 by 5-inch squares of material and lay them flat next to each other until you get the width of quilt that you want. Continue cutting squares until you have the length you want. Line the squares up according to how you want them to look in the finished quilt. Use your sewing machine to stitch seven to ten squares together (allow a 5/8 inch seam) into individual rows.

Lay a sheet down that matches the width and length of your quilt squares. Lay batting or an old blanket down next, followed by the rows of quilt squares. Pin the three layers together with sewing pins. Leaving a 4-inch tail of yarn outside your needle, stitch the layers and rows together, sewing through all three layers of every other square. Tie a square knot on the top of every other square. Finish the edges by tucking them inside and stitching the layers together.

Jeans Quilt

You can use pieces of old jeans from your own home or ones you pick up at yard sales to make an easy, warm and thick quilt. While working with the weight of the denim will be a little difficult for early quilters, the materials are readily available and the concept is exactly the same as the seven-step quilt mentioned above. Select worn patches of denim and cut them into 5 by 5-inch squares or 6 by 8-inch "bricks." Use a special denim needle available at your local fabric store to stitch squares or bricks together. Leave batting out of use a heavy flannel sheet or fleece for the backing because regular batting may provide more warmth than you want. Tie the top and backing together with the denim needle on every square and finish the edges by stitching and then trimming them.

Ten-Inch Square Quilt

An easy, ten-inch square quilt uses only 36 ten-inch squares to complete the quilt. Select fabric patterns that you enjoy and cut them into 10 by 10-inch squares. String the squares together in rows of six and stitch them together with a sewing needle. Repeat until you have six, six-square rows. Lay down a sheet and polyester batting matching the length and width of the quilt (60 inches by 60 inches) and pin the layers together with sewing pins. Using yarn and a sewing needle, stitch the squares together, tying a knot in the center of every square. Tuck the edges in and sew around the edges to finish the quilt.