Dutch Blitz Card Game Rules

By Chris Moore

Dutch Blitz is a unique interactive card game. It involves up to four decks of cards that use numbers, colors and Dutch symbols that are used for play between two to four players. The players use counting skills and speed to build plies of cards while trying to use all cards in one particular pile called the "blitz pile."

Dealing the Post/Blitz Piles

Each player chooses one of the four types of decks (pump, pail, plow or carriage) they will use for the game. After shuffling, they place the first three cards in their deck (five if only two are playing) face up in front to form the post piles. They then place their next 10 cards in a pile to their right (in line with the post piles) for the blitz pile and keep the remaining deck face down in their hand.

Game Play: The Dutch Piles

Play begins when a designated player says so, and all players play at the same time. Any No. 1 cards that are face up and visible on the table must be placed face up in the middle of the table to form the beginning of a new Dutch pile. If such a card comes from a player's post pile, the player replaces it with the top card from his blitz pile. If there are now any No. 2 cards shown of the same color as a No. 1 card in a Dutch pile, the player with that card plays it on top of its corresponding No. 1 card, then continues trying to play cards on top of one another in ascending order.

Wood Piles

When a player can't play a card, he draws three from his deck, places them with the third card face up to create the wood pile and can play that pile's top card. Any time he can't play, he draws three from the deck and adds them to the wood pile. When he runs out of cards in his hand, he picks up the wood pile, holds it face down in his hand (no shuffling) and starts the wood pile over.

Building the Post Piles

A player can also play cards onto one of his post piles instead of the Dutch piles, but here the cards are played in descending order (a No. 7 would go on top of an 8) and must alternate between boy and girl. He can play any card from the top of the any other pile, including the blitz wood or another post pile. If he plays a card from another post pile, that card is replaced with the top card from the blitz pile.


When one player runs out of blitz pile cards, he shouts "Blitz" and play ends. The other players count how many cards remain in their blitz piles, give that number to the scorekeeper and set aside all cards in their blitz, wood and post piles. The players get back all their cards played in the Dutch piles, count those cards and give those numbers to the scorekeeper. The players get one point for each card they played in a Dutch pile and lose two points for each card they still had in their blitz pile. They then put their decks back together, reshuffle and play again. The games continue until one player reaches 75 points.

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