How to Draw a Rabbit Foot

By Yuurei Serai
Somewhere, this baby bunny has feet
wsimmons, Flickr Creative Commons, J.T Halon

Many people remember Thumper's quote from "Bambi:" "Eating greens is a special treat. They make long ears and great, big feet." When drawing rabbits, the back feet tend to be an issue for some artists, given the large quality of these appendages. Drawing rabbit feet is easier than some may think.

a horizontal elliptical shaped oval, the beginning stage, the rabbit's foot

Draw a horizontal elliptical shaped oval. This will be the beginning stage of the rabbit's foot.

Here are the bunny's toes

Choose the end you want the rabbit's toes to be. Once this is determined, add three toes by drawing three small lines that slant slightly downward.

Trace, the bottom half, the oval, you

Trace the bottom half of the oval. When you get to the center, curve your line up a little then curve it back down to create an arch in the foot. Add a half circle above the foot you drew to indicate the rabbit's hindquarters. Erase the guidelines you drew in Step 1.

the toes, the illusion, claws, the arch

Elongate the toes to create the illusion of claws. Depending on the arch of the foot, you can show a little bit of a paw pad by adding a heavy pencil line in the center of the arch. If you have a small arch, skip adding the pad.

fur, blend, the rest, your rabbit

Add fur and blend to match the rest of your rabbit. You have successfully create a bunny foot.

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