Do-It-Yourself: Easy Welding Projects

By Derek Odom

For the beginning welder, projects that are fun and easy to accomplish seem few and far between. There are lots of home projects to create or fix, though, and when we have an idea of where to go, the tasks become readily available. Simply sticking random pieces of metal together or running bead after bead of practice welds across scrap metal gets old, to be sure. There are plenty of do-it-yourself-type projects for the new welder.

Shop Stool

Almost every workspace can use a quality shop stool, but they are very expensive in stores. For the price of the steel and consumables, you can have a very nice-looking stool of your very own. All you need are four legs (you can cut them to match your personal frame), bottom reinforcement frame pieces (to go in between the legs, locking them together near the floor), and a square piece of metal to sit on. The seat can be bolted on or tacked into place. Once the stool is completed, it can be painted the color of your choice.

Air Tool Storage Rack

This project is one of the simplest to construct, and yet it has great utility. All that is needed is to weld two pieces of flat iron together in such a way that they create an "L" shape at a 90-degree angle away from each other. Next, weld air couplings onto the flat iron at intervals that will allow you to hang your tools. Next, screw on the adapters and your air tools will simply click into place. Like the stool, the air tool storage rack can be painted the color of your choice.

Custom Bookends

Bookends have been a favorite project for beginning welders for a long time. Simple to make and yet easy to use, they are a project that will create a conversation piece in your home. Flat stock steel welded at 90-degree angles will work fine, or you can get creative and use horseshoes or other decorative metals. Paint them and you have made a fine set of bookends. They make a great gift, as well.

Mailbox Stand

If you live in an area where mailboxes are still out front, a custom stand is a great project. All you need is a long piece of square or round tubing, with a flange welded on top to bolt the actual mailbox to. Anything extra is completely up to you, and the stand can be embellished in several ways. Wrought-iron fencing supply stores sell decorative iron pieces that can be welded onto the stand, or you can create your own.

About the Author

Derek Odom has freelanced since 2008 and is also an author of the macabre. He has been published on, and various other websites. Odom has an Associate of Arts in administration of justice.