How Do I Print Poster Size Pictures?

By Mika Liao
You, a poster-sized photo, it, its proper resolution
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Create a poster from your favorite photo by printing it at home with any printer. Poster sizes may vary depending on the cost of printing, the photo resolution and use. Individuals use poster-sized pictures to promote their photography services, present in an art gallery, as a personal gift or decoration. It is important to have high resolution if you plan to create a very large poster from the digital photo, otherwise it may appear grainy.

Step 1

Go to a free utility website that works with home poster printing such as Block Posters (see Resources).

Step 2

Upload your photo on the website and ensure that your photo meets its maximum file size. Click on the "Continue" button. Specify the number of pages for the width of your photo, size of paper you are using to print and the dimension of the poster for your photo.

Step 3

Click on the "Continue" button and download the Portable Document File (PDF) to your desktop. The PDF file of the photo is automatically made into tiled pages as a poster. Use your home printer to print out the PDF file of your photo.

Step 4

Trim the white edges of each printed page with scissors or a paper cutter and assemble the pages on a table. Tape the pages together. Tape on the white blank side of the printed pages so the tape is not visible on the photo.

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