How Do I Print Out Labels for Fedex Shipments?

By Louise Balle
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Like many other shipping companies, FedEx allows you to create a shipment online and then print out a label to apply to your package. FedEx offices even provide shipping sleeves to business account holders. This allows you to prepare your shipment at home or in your office and then schedule a pickup instead of having to trek to your local FedEx location to have a representative print a label on your behalf.

Step 1

Go to select your geographic area and on the next screen click "New Customer Center" to create a shipping account. Enter information about yourself or your business as well as payment information (credit card). Keep in mind that FedEx will probably put a small hold on your credit card to assure that it is valid. You may be offered a discount on shipments that you process through this online account.

Step 2

Log into your account and click "Prepare Shipment."

Step 3

Enter the address where this shipment will leave from as well as the recipient's address.

Step 4

Give information about the package, including its weight and size. Choose a service (such as Ground or Express) and enter "Drop Off" or "Schedule a Pickup."

Step 5

Choose a ship date—this should be the same date you plan to drop the package off or schedule a pickup.

Step 6

Choose the payment option (you can bill it to your account, the recipient or another party). Enter a reference number for the shipment if required.

Step 7

Check the quoted rate and estimated delivery date for the shipment by clicking "Calculate" under "Rates & Transit Times." When you're satisfied with your options click "Ship."

Step 8

Confirm the shipping details on the next page and then click "Ship" again. The system will generate a shipping label for you.

Step 9

Print the label on plain paper then fold it in half and insert it into a FedEx shipping sleeve (clear pockets provided by the shipping office for free). Stick the sleeve on your box and then either drop it off at the office or wait for a driver to come pick it up (if you scheduled that service).

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