How to Display Legos

By Maria O'Brien
Museum Lego display
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Is your Lego collection begging to be organized and set up for display? Many collectors like to display Legos to show off their vintage Lego castle sets, modern Lego minifigs and other Lego creations and accessories. Aside from taking pictures to post to online Lego forums, Lego displays are a form of art to many and make for great conversational pieces. Some private hobbyists and Lego sculptors create museum-quality displays, but it's no less fun for amateurs. Here are some ideas to inspire you as you display your Legos.

Step 1

your own original scenes, Lego blocks, minifigs, the Lego setup

Create your own original scenes out of Lego blocks and minifigs, using the Lego setup to tell a story. For instance, a knight in shining armor charging a large green dragon to save a damsel in distress is a simple configuration of Legos that can be displayed by itself or as part of a larger Lego scene.

Step 2

Lego sets, kits, the instructions, them

Put together Lego sets and kits per the instructions and display them on a shelf, in a display case or in a wall niche. Vintage Lego castle sets, such as the Black Falcon series, are widely popular and make excellent displays. Spread the people and horses around the castle or fortress to ensure that your Lego castle display is attractive from every angle.

Step 3

mini Lego, just a few people, objects, little curio cabinets

Make mini Lego displays out of just a few people or objects and put these in little curio cabinets or collection-display boxes. A Lego chest of buried treasure with a skeleton in a pirate hat, for example, is a great addition to your Lego display.

Step 4

some humor, your Lego display, pieces, a smile

Add some humor to your Lego display by including pieces that will add a smile or chuckle. A contemporary Lego boy finds himself in a pirate boat, unsure of his fate or how to escape. A worried companion left on shore adds to the display.

Step 5

your own Lego panorama, your vintage, modern Lego pieces, sets

Create your own Lego panorama displays with your vintage and modern Lego pieces and sets. Consider constructing a place you've been or a scene from a picture for a special challenge.

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