How to Display Baseball Cards

By eHow Hobbies, Games & Toys Editor

One of the best parts of having an impressive collection of baseball cards is getting the chance to put your pride and joy on display. However, to guard against damage to your cards, it is necessary to protect your baseball cards when you display them. Read on to learn how to display baseball cards.

Select the cards you want to display. It probably isn't necessary to show off cards from every obscure utility infielder or backup catcher who cracked a Major League roster. Generally, collectors put their valuable centerpiece cards on display for other collectors and enthusiasts to see.

Display cards of moderate value in three-ring binders. You can purchase three-hole-punch clear plastic sleeve sheets from hobby stores. Place your cards in the sleeves and arrange them in the binder for easy browsing.

Display your more valuable cards in hard plastic sleeves. First, place the card in an individual soft plastic sleeve, which will not be much bigger than the card itself. Then, place the soft plastic sleeve inside a larger, hard plastic sleeve for dual protection when on display.

Get a screw-shut plastic case to display your most valuable cards. Using these cases, you will lay your card flat between two pieces of thick plastic, which are then screwed together to seal in the card. This will protect your card from just about any source of damage that might come about while it's on display.

Arrange your cards with some kind of logic when you display them. You can show off your cards organized by player, team, newest to oldest (or vice versa) or using any other system that makes sense to you. People might lose interest in browsing your card collection if you've just thrown together a display with no rhyme or reason.

Consider purchasing a glass display case for your card collection, if you want to leave it out on a permanent basis for visitors to your home to see.