Directions for Playing Solitaire

By Melody Dawn

Solitaire is a card game that is played with one deck of cards and is for one person. The game can be downloaded at many sites online, such as Solitaire usually comes installed with your windows software package on your computer. If your computer has Solitaire pre-loaded, it can be found under the "Programs Menu" and located in the games folder for a regular PC. Solitaire is a simple game that can be addictive

Basic Gameplay

The goal of solitaire is to build the four suits: clubs, diamonds, hearts and spades. Each deck will be built in order and will begin with Ace and end with the King. The game ends when you can no longer build on the suits or you can no longer place cards in each pile. You win the game when you build all suits, not when you place all cards into the piles.

Dealing the Cards

When the game of solitaire begins, the deck is dealt face down into seven piles. Deal the cards one at a time in a straight line. While you are dealing the cards, you will place a total of 28 cards in the piles. The first pile will contain 1 card, the second pile will contain 2 cards and so on until the last pile contains 7 cards. The top card of each pile will be turned face up.

How to Build the Piles

The remaining cards will be turned over three at a time. You may only use the card facing you to build the piles. You can turn over one card at a time for less of a challenge. As you turn over the cards from the deck you will build on the piles. Piles are built from highest card to the lowest and must be placed by opposite color. For example, you can lay a red 9 on a black 10 of any suit. You can not lay cards of the same color on top of one another.

Building the Suits

When you locate an ace you will begin your suit. As cards are laid down into the piles you will take those cards and place them on the suits. After you place the ace you will locate the 2 of the same suit to place in the pile. Once you've built every suit you win the game.

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