Directions to Play Ultimate Outburst

By Riccardo Giovanniello

Ultimate Outburst, the sequel to the original Outburst board game by Mattel, combines two new rounds of play to the standard version. The first round remains the same as the original, in that players attempt to guess ten Target Answers in a single category. In the second round, Reverse Outburst, players are told the Target Answers and must guess the category. The final round is Challenge Outburst, a betting round. Ultimate Outburst is designed for two or more adults.

Setting Up

Divide into two teams; teams need not be equally divided.

Give each team an "Exie" token, and place them on the "Start" space.

Place six Outburst cards around the outside edge of the game board. Line up the purple edge of the cards with the purple edges of the board. Do the same with the Reverse Outburst cards, but place them on the blue edges instead of the purple.

Select eight more Outburst cards and place them into the Challenge envelope.

Playing the Game

Select one of six Outburst cards. Give it to the scorekeeper on Team 2, who will place the card into the Card Viewer and read the Headline. Start the timer.

Shout out possible Target Answers for the category. If you answer correctly, the scorekeeper marks the point on the Card Viewer. You have one minute to guess as many answers as possible.

Move your "Exie" token one place for each correct answer.

Select another Outburst card, if you are Team 2. Give the card to the scorekeeper on Team 1, who reads the Headline and starts the timer. Team 2 now attempts to guess as many Target Answers as possible.

Continue until all six Outburst cards are played.

Begin the second round, Reverse Outburst, by selecting a Reverse Outburst card. Give the card to the scorekeeper on the other team.

Read out the Target Answers one at a time, pausing in between each. Guess the Headline at any time if you are the guessing team. Your team is not punished for guessing the wrong Headline.

Move your "Exie" token on the scoreboard to mark your points according to this calculation: subtract the number of Target Answers required to guess the Headline from 10; for example, if your team needed three Target Answers before determining the Headline, move your token seven spaces (10 -- 3 = 7). Continue until all six Reverse Outburst cards are played.

Select a card from the Challenge envelope. Read only the Headline; your team can bet on how many Target Answers you will guess correctly. Your opponent can raise the bet if they feel they can do better. The team with the winning bid plays the card. Win the game by being the first team to score 60 points.

About the Author

Based in Grumo Appula in southern Italy, Riccardo Giovanniello has been writing news and restaurant reviews since 2008. His articles have appeared in “Daegu Pockets” and "All About Golf Resorts" magazines. Giovanniello holds a Bachelor of Arts in film theory and English literature from the University of Western Ontario.