Dice Games for Kids

By Margo Dill
Roll them and add them!
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Dice games work well for kids because these games are inexpensive, and they usually require little skill or strategy, according to the Make Play Dough website. It also states that you can "playfully educate your kids" with dice games that incorporate math skills. Some dice games are perfect for all ages, so a family can play them together. Others can be adapted for older children and parents.

Math Facts Dice Games

While playing a game with dice, children can also practice their math facts. A simple game to play is to roll the dice and either add or multiply the numbers to together. This becomes the player's score for that round if the correct answer is given. If the wrong answer is given, the player receives zero points for the round. The first person to a pre-determined amount, such as 200, is the winner. To work on harder math facts, children can roll the dice twice and multiply or add the total of two die to the total of two die. The website, Activity Village, lists other math facts dice games and their rules such as "Going to Boston," "Run for It," and "Ten Down." Activity Village also offers ways to adapt games for younger or older players.

Games for Preschoolers and Kindergarteners

Young children can also play dice games for kids. Winning these games usually has more to do with luck than skill, but they can still be fun for the whole family. One of the games that young children can play is "Aces in the Pot." The rules are explained on the Kids Fun and Games site, but basically players start with two counters or buttons. When it's a player's turn, he rolls the dice. Depending on what he rolls, he keeps his counters, moves them to the inside, or gives them to other players. The first player with counters left who rolls the dice three times without a six wins. The good thing about this game is that when a player has no counters, he is only temporarily out of the game, which can help young children with good sportsmanship practices. Other games for young children listed on the Activity Village website are "Farmyard," "Crazy Faces" and "Mountain."

Old Favorites

Some old favorite dice games for kids are "Yahtzee" and "Pig." Both of these games are on the Grandparent.com website, and you can also buy a version of "Yahtzee" at most department stores. To play "Pig," all you need are one die, a pen, and a pad of paper. When it's your turn, you roll the die. As long as you do not roll a one, your turn continues. Each time, you have the choice of keeping the points you've earned and passing the die to the next person, or rolling again to accumulate more points. However, if you roll a one, you lose all your points for that round. The first person to 100 is the winner. Another old favorite is "Mouse." Each number on the die stands for a certain body part of the mouse, and you have to roll each number to draw a mouse. The first person to draw a complete mouse wins. To read the full directions, you can visit the Activity Village website's "Mouse" game rules.

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