How to Devise a Scavenger Hunt for Adults

By eHow Hobbies, Games & Toys Editor
Devise a Scavenger Hunt for Adults

Don't just have another boring old party, host a scavenger hunt! This is a great activity to do before a picnic or party ' hold the hunt before the event and have the guests end up at the final destination as the last thing on their lists.

Divide the group into even teams. Give each team a phone book, a Polaroid camera, a notebook and pen, a local map (if needed) and a list of items to find or collect.

Assign each item a point value.

Dock teams for members being late to the beginning of the hunt.

Make it fun: Do you want them to hop in the car and get a photo with a frowning greeter at Wal-Mart? Pose by a coin-op washing machine? Climb into a grocery cart and go for a spin in the frozen-foods aisle? Bring back a car-wash token?

Give alternatives for some items. For example, a picture by a pay phone may be worth 1 point, but a Mickey Mouse phone could net them 5.

Stipulate that each team member must have his or her photo taken at least once.

Declare the team with the most points the winner. Be sure to get a group photo.

Award prizes - gift certificates, novelty gifts, money. If you charge a small amount to play, the money can go into a pool to cover film and the big prize.