How to Decorate Bridal Shower Tables

By Erica Green
Decorate Bridal Shower Tables
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Decorating bridal shower tables encourages creativity and imagination. These tables set the tone for the bridal shower as far as colors and themes. Decorated bridal shower tables are the largest items that guests and the bride see as they enter the room. Make your bridal shower tables stand out by following a few tips.

Choose colors for bridal shower table decorations. Match the color of the bridesmaid dresses or the colors for the wedding. Use the bride's favorite colors. Highlight the season by decorating bridal shower tables with seasonal colors.

Choose table linens and chair covers that match the color scheme. Bridal showers traditionally feature white table linens, but adding color can make a statement in a bland room. Select table linens to match the shower's theme, such as red for a Christmas bridal shower or cobalt blue for a nautical or beach theme. Dress up traditional table linens with swags of cheap, brightly colored material from the fabric store. Use ribbons, swags and flowers to enhance the chair covers.

Many bridal showers have a theme, such as kitchen gadgets, tea parties or lingerie. Follow this theme for bridal shower table decorations. Place antique tea pots with flowers in the center or an unusual kitchen gadget. Make bridal shower table decorations matching the season, such as mini-Christmas trees with personalized ornaments as favors. Place jack-o-lanterns in the center of the table with fall leaves and pine cones. Think about the bride's favorites when selecting a theme. Coordinate the décor to match her honeymoon destination with maps, travel books and small items from the destination as centerpieces. For a bride who loves traveling, gather pictures of her favorite destinations and items from those places to serve as centerpieces. Be creative.

Add personal touches. Put pictures of the bride at various stages of her life on each table. Display pictures of the engaged couple together and with friends and family. Select some favorite poems and quotes from the bride to share throughout the shower and place copies on the tables. Place small dishes of the bride's favorite candy on the table for guests to snack on.

Go for simplicity. Select flowers that are in season and create a beautiful centerpiece for each table. Adorn the tables with beads, candles and glass mirrors. Place a bowl of brightly colored fruit in the center of each table, with small votive candles. Submerge flower heads in fish bowls, using ribbon and beads around the bowl. Finish off any table with place card holders and napkin holders, matching the theme of the shower.

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