About Dave & Buster's

By Alan Kirk

When families go out for an evening of entertainment, it can sometimes be hard to decide if they want to enjoy a meal or play games. Dave and Buster's has made that decision easy by providing both of these forms of entertainment in the same place. The selection of games available at Dave and Buster's offers options for young children and adults alike.


Dave and Buster's had its start in Little Rock, Arkansas in the late 1970s. A gentleman by the name of Buster ran a restaurant, and next door another gentleman named Dave (only first names are provided on the company website) ran an entertainment facility where individuals could play games. These two owners decided to combine operations after noticing their customers frequently went from one establishment to the other. The first combined operation was named Dave and Buster's and was opened in Dallas, Texas in 1982.


Dave and Buster's has plenty of food choices. They offer a large list of appetizers, similar to what you will find at other American chain restaurants such as cheese sticks, buffalo wings and sliders. They also have unique offerings such as edamame. For those looking for something light to eat, Dave and Buster's offers sandwiches, burgers, salads and soups. They also offer a full menu of entrees ranging from chicken and steaks to seafood.


Dave and Buster's locations throughout the country offer a large variety of entertainment for their guests. The games include interactive shooting and virtual simulation games. There are also traditional arcade games, including some favorites from the 1980s during Dave and Buster's early days in business.

Dave and Buster's also has a large collection of games where customers can play and win tickets. These games include skill-based games and games of luck. Some of these are based on hand/eye coordination and others on knowledge of trivia. Customers can then trade the tickets that they win at the prize desk for various prizes. They can trade them in during a visit or save tickets up over multiple visits for larger prizes.

Bar, Pool Hall, and Bowling Alley

Dave and Buster's has expanded over the years to be even more than a restaurant and game location. It features other forms of entertainment, including full-sized bowling lanes in several of their locations. There are also pool tables for customers to enjoy as well. In the evenings, many Dave and Buster locations have a room inside that serves as a nightclub with full bar service and an dance floor.


Over the years, Dave and Buster's has expanded significantly across the country. During the 1980s expansion was slow, as there were only two Dave and Buster's locations, and both were in Dallas, Texas. During the 1990s, an additional 21 locations were opened in 13 states. Dave and Buster's has over 50 locations throughout the country in 2009.

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