How to Crochet Baby Car Seat Covers

By Steven White
How to Crochet Baby Car Seat Covers
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Baby car seat covers go through a great deal of wear and tear. From bodily fluid stains to smashed crayon and cookie crumbs, there is no space on a car seat that usually remains stain-free for long. In order to better protect the car seat and keep it looking attractive, consider making a crocheted car seat cover. For the best results, choose a soft wool yarn for the fabric so that the cover will act as a soft and comfortable barrier against both hot and cold weather.

Step 1

Measure the car seat from to bottom and side to side. Add 10 inches to each of the measurements to account for the cover's edging.

Step 2

Draw a rectangle with the correct measurements onto a piece of interfacing. Lay the interfacing in the car seat and mark where the straps go through on the car seat. Be sure to wrap the pattern around the car seat for an accurate measurement.

Step 3

Chain the necessary amount of stitches to create the desired width and verify it by holding it up to your pattern.

Step 4

Begin crocheting, using single crochets for a thicker cover or double crochets for a thinner cover.

Step 5

Create holes for the straps by chaining over the section in one direction and then picking up where you left off on that chain in the other direction.

Step 6

Once you have completed the desired length from top to bottom, create the necessary hold around the edges by first double crocheting around the entire edge, then single crocheting and skipping every other double crochet. If you desire an even stronger hold, then skip two spaces in the second edging round.

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