How to Create Signature Banners

By Kylie Keeler

Signature banners give an identity to your forum posts. They separate you from the crowd and tell your fellow posters a little about you. Many people struggle with trying to find another forum poster to make a banner for them or generating a generic banner from a web form, but making an original signature banner doesn't have to be difficult. With the right tools, it's one of the simplest graphics you can make.

a new document, the

Create a new document by selecting the "File" menu from the top navigation bar and "New." Size the document 300 x 100 with the resolution set to 72 in the options window that appears.

Open the picture you plan to use by selecting the "File" menu once again and "Open." Choose your photo from the window that appears.

Select the photo by going to the "Select" menu and choosing "Select All."

Copy the photo by going to the "Edit" menu and choosing "Copy."

Paste the photo into your new document by choosing the "Edit" menu and "Paste."

Activate the layers window by selecting "Window" from the top navigation menu and "Layers." Click on the layer that contains the photo.

the photo, the move tool, the handles, the photo

Resize the photo, if needed, by clicking the move tool and then dragging the handles until the photo is sized to your needs.

the text tool, the toolbar, your cursor, you

Choose the text tool on the toolbar on the left and place your cursor where you want the text to begin.

the font, size, the horizontal type menu, the top

Set the font and size by using the horizontal type menu at the top of the screen. Make sure that your alignment is set left to right. If you need to change the position of the text later, click the layer containing your text in the layer palette, then click the move tool and drag your text into position.

Type in the text you want your signature banner to contain.

Select the File menu, then click "Save for Web and Devices." Save as a .jpg with the quality set to high.

About the Author

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