How to Create a Book in Indesign

By Charles Carswell
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Adobe InDesign is an intuitive application that enables you to accomplish many tasks within the same package. The ability to place your images on the page and effortlessly wrap your text and perform drop-cap and layout styles makes it an excellent tool for creating books, periodicals, manuals and even catalogs. You can employ global style options, resulting in the instantaneous change of fonts, colors and layout throughout the entire book. Where many other word processors and desktop publishing applications fall short, Adobe InDesign exceeds.

Open Adobe InDesign. From the "File" menu, select "New," then "Book." The New Book window appears, prompting you to choose a directory and file name for your new book. The file name will have the "indb" file extension name.

Type the name of your new book in the "File name" field and enter any version comments you may have in the "Version Comments" field. Click "Save."

Add documents to your book by creating new documents by navigating to the "File" menu and selecting "New" and "Document." Alternatively, you can click the "Plus" sign (Add Documents) at the bottom of the "Book" dialog. You can compose and assemble documents from various sources, such as Notepad or other InDesign documents to consolidate your work. You can also rearrange the order of your documents within the book by clicking and dragging their icons in the preferred order.

Number or renumber your document pages by double-clicking the page number on the "Book" dialog. The "Document Page Numbering Options" panel appears. On this window you can specify Automatic Page Numbering, choose the precise starting page number, and name your Section Prefix and Style Prefix choice. You can modify preferences later.

Add and edit text using Text Frames by selecting the "Text" tool and dragging the area where the text will appear. The usual bold, font style, color and type preferences can be applied the same as in any other word processor or desktop publisher. You can maintain a word and character count by selecting "Window" and "Info." You can see specifically the count of words, lines and paragraphs which are dynamically changed as you alter the text.

Add as many documents as needed to your book. When done, save the book by clicking on the "Save the book" icon at the bottom of the "Book" dialog.

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Charles Carswell has worked as a technical writer/programmer and illustrator for many fortune 500 companies since 1980. Currently he holds a Bachelor of Science degree in management information systems and certificates in graphics and photography.