Crazy Group Games for Kids

By Jaime Smith
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Kids love to play crazy group games that allow them to bond with friends, laugh and have a good time. Plan a fun game to let kids be kids and go wild with a silly activity. Keep the age group, skill level and attention span of the children in mind before selecting a game or activity.

Shoe Shuffle

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Shoe shuffle can be played by kids of all ages in a group size from small to very large. Have kids sit in a large circle and take off their shoes. Toss all of the shoes in a pile in the center of the circle and shuffle them together. At the count of three, kids must locate their shoes, put them on, tie them, and be back seated in their place. The child who does this the fastest is deemed the winner. Add blindfolds to make it more challenging. Kids will then have to find their shoes by feel alone and get them on and tied without being able to see. This is a crazy, goofy game that will have kids hankering to play again and again.

Water Balloon Toss

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A water balloon toss is a fun, silly game that kids play in pairs competing against the rest of the group. This game is best played outdoors, as it can get messy. Team kids up in pairs of two and form two parallel lines, with teammates facing each other. Fill water balloons with water, at least one for each team. For a crazy take on the classic water balloon toss, fill balloons with spaghetti sauce, pudding, split pea soup, or another unexpected liquid (have a hose handy for cleanup). Kids take turns tossing the balloon back and forth, increasing the distance between the teammates with each toss. When a balloon breaks, the team is out. The team to get the furthest without breaking their balloon wins.

Scavenger Hunt

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Plan a scavenger hunt, and let kids go wild with this fun group game. Split children into two teams, or smaller groups. Construct a list of items that the children must seek out and collect. Hide items around the house or yard for kids to find. Give kids a bucket or basket for collecting items. Set a time limit and let kids run around trying to find as many items on the list as possible. They must then report back to a designated location when time is up to show all of their loot. Set a kitchen timer, or blow a whistle to let kids know time is up. The team who has collected the most items on the list will win a prize.

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