Cool Gym Games

By Bryan Ordman
Volleyball, a popular indoor gym game
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Many students dread gym class or day camps. Some students shy away from typical team sports or become bored with them, leaving teachers and recreational facilitators with the job of providing their groups of youngsters with a variety of fun, interesting and challenging gym games.


The basketball game HORSE challenges players to make creative shots. When a player makes a shot, every other player must mimic the same shot. If a player misses the shot, he receive a letter (H, then O, and so on). When a player misses enough shots to complete the word "horse," he is out of the game. The last player in or with the fewest letters is declared the winner

Stride Ball

Players take the form of a large circle in stride ball. Players stand with their feet at least shoulder-length apart and pressed against the feet of the player next to them. The server receives a soft, low-bounce rubber ball, then places the ball on the floor and uses his hands to push the ball between the legs of any other player in the circle. Other players then join in and attempt to do the same. Players may only block an incoming ball by using their hands. Any player who has a ball pass through his legs incurs a point. This player becomes the next round&#039;s server. Players who use their feet to block a shot also incur a point. The player with the fewest points at the end of the game wins.

Blind Man&#039;s Volleyball

Blind man&#039;s volleyball is played similar to the regular game. Two teams with the same number of players set up on each side of the volleyball net, evenly spaced in the front and back side of their court. Teams volley the ball back and forth through a series of bumps, sets and spikes as they try to hit the ball to the floor on the opposing team&#039;s side of the court. In blind man&#039;s volleyball, a large sheet placed over the net to the floor blocks each team view of the other team&#039;s actions and setups, forcing each team to strengthen its teamwork and react faster.

Beach Ball Basketball

Beach ball basketball requires four or five beach balls and two evenly numbered teams--the number of players is unlimited. Each team strategically places its players on offense or defense, and each player receives a plastic toy bat to hit the beach balls in an effort to move them across the court to his team&#039;s basket. Players cannot throw, kick or pick up the ball. Teams earn one point for hitting the net or backboard, and two points for hitting the rim. Typically, the first team to make 21 points wins.

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